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Nebraska Cancer Plan

2017-2022 Plan Just Released!

The Nebraska Cancer Plan is a result of a statewide collaborative designed to improve Nebraska’s cancer prevention and control efforts. This working document addresses the cancer burden and critical cancer problems in Nebraska. Originally published in 2005, the Nebraska Cancer Plan was recently revised for 2017-2022 and will include the following priorities:

  • Priority Area #1: Encourage people to make healthy choices   
  • Priority Area #2: Educate people about cancer screening tests
  • Priority Area #3: Increase access to good cancer care and reduce health disparities   
  • Priority Area #4: Make sure people who survive cancer live well   
  • Priority Area #5: Implement policy, systems and environmental changes
  • Priority Area #6: Demonstrate outcomes through evaluation

NC2 stands behind this plan and calls upon Nebraska leaders, public officials, key decision-makers and citizens to do likewise. More importantly, Nebraska citizens and organizations are encouraged to become involved in state plan implementation.

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