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Operating Committees

Operating Committees are those that NC2 utilizes on an ongoing basis for operations, activities and programs that are too numerous or too complex to be handled by the Advisory Committee and/or staff alone.  Operating Committees shall recommend to the Advisory Committee policies and processes designed to provide for effective and efficient direction of such tasks.

All NC2 partners are requested to serve on either an Operating Committee or Implementation Group.  NC2 Operating Committees and Implementation Groups meet twice per year in person and quarterly, at minimum, by conference call. 

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NC2 Operating Committees include:

  • Communications - the Communications Committee provides communication and marketing support for NC2 and NC2 projects. This committee provides recommendations for the website, newsletter, and overall plan for communicating with NC2 members and the public.
  • Events & Education - the Events & Education Committee has oversite of NC2 events, such as the annual Nebraska Cancer Summit, as well as any in-person or virtual education activities the association may establish.
  • Data & Evaluations - the Data & Evaluations Committee assists and guides the NC2 and implementation groups with data and evaluation needs, and assists with periodic reports and the cancer plan revision.
  • Membership, Nominating & Strategic Partnerships - the Membership, Nominating & Strategic Partnerships Committee oversees all membership recruitment and development for NC2. This committee will also pursue strategic partnerships and seek out new Advisory Committee members when the need arises.
  • Fundraising & Development - the Fundraising & Development Committee is responsible for seeking out short- and long-term funding opportunities for NC2, including but not limited to public and private grant funding, planned giving, corporate sponsorship and crowd funding.

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